Class of 2012

Michael O. Abendroth

Steven A. Ford
Vice President
Lieutenant, Permits Facilities Division, SFPD
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company
City and County of San Francisco
Erin Archuleta
Danielle Foreman
Program Officer
ICHI Sushi
Koret Foundation
Zachary R. Bongiovanni
Erin G. Frazor
Manager, Solar Development
NRG Energy, Inc.
Seth Brenzel
Neil Giuliano
Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer
The Walden School
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Paulo Acosta Cabezas
Linda M. Halbleib
Founding Director
Senior Vice President
Eden Cubed, Inc.
Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC
Alana Callagy
Allie Herson
Environmental Planner
Community Leader
URS Corporation
Jon Carroll
Ariel L. Ungerleider Kelley
Community Leader
Community Leader
Heather Carroll-Fisher
Mary Jean Koontz
Director of Education and Training
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
AFSCME Local 3299
Googie Games LLC
Nadia V. Chan
Jennifer S. Lacson
Director, Marketing
Community & Giants Services Coordinator
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
Audrey Ching
Brian D. Lawrence
Assistant Dean, School of Taxation
Senior Manager
Golden Gate University
Kristen N. Clopton
Jennifer A. Lujan
Transformational Care Business Analyst
Community Relations Representative
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Valerie Coleman
William Patrick Lyons, Jr.
Outreach Manager
Corporate Director of Safety & Risk Management
Rebuilding Together San Francisco
Robin G. Connell
Madelyn E. Mackie
Manager, Sustainability Programs
Career Activator
Del Monte Foods
Madelyn Mackie & Associates
Martha Ehmann Conte
Alicia A. Madsen
Community Leader
Senior Vice President
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Michelle F. Cusano
Ann Mannix
Director, Richmond Village Beacon
Captain, Northern Station, SFPD
Richmond District Neighborhood Center
City and County of San Francisco
Ximena A. Delgado
Kevin D. McClure
Senior Vice President, Marketing Manager
Vice President, Financial Developmt
Bank of America
YMCA of San Francisco
Raymond M. Delgado
Megan K. McTiernan
Community Leader
Executive Director
Thomson Family Foundation
Erin S. DiFazio
Christopher F. Morales
Manager, Government Consulting
Attorney at Law
Patricia M. Dowling
Robert M. Moser
Official Court Reporter, Superior Court
Commander, Investigations, SFPD
City and County of San Francisco
City and County of San Francisco
Clifford A. Drescher
Thomas Neill
Regional Council / Local 713
Manager, Client Health Services, HSA
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council
City and County of San Francisco
Mary C. Dunbar
Joseph P. Nevin
Community Leader
Sales Coordinator
Giants Enterprises LLC
Kristie Fairchild
Eduardo A. Ramirez
Executive Director
Administrative Officer/Mental Health Coordinator
North Beach Citizens
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Julia R. Felts
Joseph G. Rehrmann
Community Leader
Vice President/Project Manager
Stomper Company
Aaron N. Fenton
Maureen E. Sandoval
Community Leader
Regional Counsel
Ivy V. Fine
Jennifer A. Stuart
Director, Contract Administration Bureau, SFPUC
Government Relations Representative
City and County of San Francisco
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Jennifer Caldwell Fink
Greg Vaisberg
Public Relations/Marketing Manager
Senior Corporate Counsel
Lisa A. Finkelstein
Stephen M. Wright
Director, LGBT Alliance
Jewish Community Federation of SF
VLP Law Group LLP
Brian D. Finnegan
Carma Muir Zisman
Vice President of Development
Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc.
World Affairs Council
Laura E. Fogelman
Community Leader  

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"This was one of the most interesting and valuable programs I have ever undertaken. I came away with life-long friends, a keen appreciation for what makes our city work, and a personal commitment to greater involvement. I recommend it without qualification."- Robert W. Alspaugh, Deputy Chair, KPMG LLP. LSF 1990