Since 1985, LSF has developed leaders - community trustees - who work for the common good. Armed with experience gained through the LSF program, graduates have contributed significant leadership to community efforts. Within each program class, LSF seeks to develop a group selected from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, representing the ethnic, cultural and lifestyle diversity of our community.

Distinguished Alumni Include:


Bob Alspaugh, Class of 1990

Alexandra Morgan, Class of 2009
CEO/International, Retired
Chief Executive Officer
Family House, Inc.
Bob Alvarado, Class of 1999
Emily Moto Murase, Class of 2008
Executive Officer
Executive Director
Northern California Carpenter's Reg. Co.
SF Department on the Status of Women
Steve Arcelona, Class of 1987
John T. Noguchi, Class of 1997
Community Leader
Director/ Conv Facilities Department
City and County of San Francisco
Alexa Arena, Class of 2009
Lee A. Nold-Lewis, Class of 1990
Senior Vice President
Forest City Enterprises
Brian G. Armstrong, Class of 2000
Ed Obuchowski, Class of 1990
Senior Deputy Attorney General
Chief Executive Officer
California Department of Justice
Bank of San Francisco
Suzanne Ashton, Class of 1990
Sophie J. O'Neal, Class of 1999
Community Leader
President & Senior Consultant
Synergy Business Solutions
Larry Baer, Class of 1988
Lee-Ann Carr Peling, Class of 2008
President & Chief Executive Officer
Director, Franchise Operations
San Francisco Giants
Chris Balme, Class of 2009
Mary Kelly Persyn, Class of 2011
Co-Founder & Head of School
Director of Hanna Institute
Millenium School
Hanna Boys Center
Rob Black, Class of 2008
Barbara Pivnicka, Class of 1989
Senior Director, Community Relation
Honorary Consulate General
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Slovakia Republic
Teresa Briggs, Class of 1993
Richard Pivnicka, Class of 1988
Western Region Marketplace Leader
Honorary Consulate General
Deloitte & Touche LLP
Czech Republic
Harold W. Brooks, Class of 2000
Bert Polacci, Class of 2004
Senior VP, International Operations Sr. VP, Gov't & Community Relations
American Red Cross Maximus Real Estate Partners
Jim Canales, Class of 1992
Jason M. Porth, Class of 2008
Deputy Chief of Staff, Office of the Pres.
Barr Foundation
San Francisco State University
Kathyrn Cahill Rebecca Prowda, Class of 2008
Chief Executive Officer Community Affairs
Cahill Contractors LLC Levi Strauss & Company
David S.F. Chiu, Class of 2003
Maurice B. Quillen, Class of 2003
Assemblymember, District 17
Vice President & General Manager
State of California
Alex J. Clemens, Class of 1999
Erick C. Rausch, Class of 2002
Senior Dir Develop/Compreh. Cancer Ctr
Lighthouse Public Affairs
Stanford University
Laurence A. Colton, Class of 1991
Anthony D. Ribera, Class of 1989
Chief Executive Officer
Prog. Coordinator, Law Enf. Leadership
G2 Insurance Services
University of San Francisco
Steven F. Crabiel, Class of 2001
Gerald Michael Richards, Class of 2009
Community Leader
Chief Executive Officer
826 National
Linda S. Crayton, Class of 1998
Janet C. Rocco, Class of 1998
Community Leader
Community Leader
Emilio Cruz, Class of 1994
Stephen K. Rodgers, Class of 2000
Senior Vice President
Senior Vice President
Carollo Engineers
Poms & Associates
Jay Cuetara, Class of 1999*
Laura C. Rodormer, Class of 2007
Director, Corporate Citizenship
McKesson Corporation
Pam David, Class of 1997
Fred A. Rodriguez, Class of 1988
Executive Director
Attorney and Principal
Walter and Elise Haas Fund
The Rodriguez Law Group
Kelny Denebeim, Class of 1989
Byron A. Rodriguez, Class of 2008
Group Director & Sr. VP
Signature Bank
Virtual Law Partners LLP
Mario P. Diaz, Class of 2000
Wendy A. Ross, Class of 2002
Vice President
Wells Fargo Foundation
Bank of San Francisco
Penelope A. Douglas, Class of 1989
Beth D. Rubenstein, Class of 2008
Project Director of Culture Bank
Community Leader
Yuerba Buena Center of the Arts
Mario G. Durham, Class of 2003
Santiago Ruiz, Class of 2009
President and CEO
Executive Director
Association of Performating Arts Presenters
Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Michael D. Ellzey, Class of 2003
Robert C. Sanchez, CLass of 1990
Chief Executive Officer
Orange County Great Park Corporation
Casa Sanchez
Murat Eskicioglu, Class of 2007
Marcia G. Schneider, Class of 1991
Regional General Manager
Community Leader
SAVOR... San Francisco
Alfonso G. Felder, Class of 2002
Douglas G. Schultz, Class of 2004
Executive Vice President, Administration
San Francisco Giants
Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc.
Brian Flaherty, Class of 2004 L. Gregory Scott, Class of 2000
Principal Partner
ENGEO Incorporated PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Karin Flood, Class of 2002
Maureen A. Sedonaen, Class of 1996
Executive Director
Chief Executive Officer
Union Square Business Imporvement District
Habitat for Humanity, Greater SF
Heather Fong, Class of 1995
Andrew T. Segal, Class of 2007
Asst. Sec/Ofc State and Local Law Enf.
US Department of Homeland Security
Liberty Hill Real Estate Group
Ezra Garrett, Class of 2004
Staci A. Slaughter, Class of 2002
VP, Comm Reltns & Ex Director- Foundation
Senior Vice President, Communications
San Francisco Giants
Philip A. Ginsburg, Class of 2006
Abby Snay, Class of 1994
General Manager, Recreation and Parks Dept.
Executive Director
City and County of San Francisco
Jewish Vocational Services
Sara Grauf, Class of 2009 Tyson R. Stevenson, Class of 2009
VP Event Strategy & Services Senior Vice President
San Francisco Giants JLT Specialty Insurance Services Inc.
John G. Gumas, Class of 2007
Robert Stone, Class of 2009
Deputy City Attorney, City Attorney Office
Gumas Advertising
City and County of San Francisco
Bob Hartnagel, Class of 1999
Joyce L. Pringle Stupski, Class of 1990
Chief of Staff, Senator Mark Leno
State of California
Stupski Family Foundation
Scott G. Hauge, Class of 1987
Greg P. Suhr, Class of 1998
President and Owner
Community Leader
CAL Insurance & Associates, Inc.
Joanne Hayes-White, Class of 2003
Susan Sun, Class of 2007
Chief, SF Fire Department
Community Leader
City and County of San Francisco
James H. Hickman, Jr. Class of 2005
Susan A. Sutherland, Class of 1994
Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President
Alta Bates Summet Foundation Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Nora V. Hirschler, Class of 2001
Fuad S. Sweiss, Class of 2009
President & Chief Executive Officer
Deputy Director & City Engineer/DPW
Blood Centers of the Pacific
City and County of San Francisco
Elliot Hoffman, Class of 1986
Olga Talamante, Class of 1990
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Director
Chicana/Latina Foundation
Marie L. Hurabiell Trader, Class of 1999
Philip Ting, Class of 2002
Assemblyman, 19th District
State of California
Ellen J. Johnck, Class of 1989
Carrie Varoquiers, Class of 2006
Ellen Joslin Johnck Consulting

President, VP Global Impact

Workday Foundation
Gwen Kaplan, Class of 1988
Megan E. Villarreal, Class of 2009
Chief Executive Officer
Manager of Policy and Public Affairs
Ace Mailing, Inc.
Vaerie A. Kazanjian, Class of 2003
Tedi K. Vriheas, Class of 2010
Community Leader
Assistant Vice President, External Affairs
Mark Klaiman, Class of 2006
Alexandra Vuksich, Class of 1989
Senior Counselor
Commissioner, CA Gambling Control
Pet Camp
State of California
David Knego, Class of 2002
Dwight Walker, Class of 1997
Executive Director
Community Leader
Curry Senior Center
Roderick Laubscher, Class of 1986
Villy Wang, Class of 2008
President & CEO
John A. Legnitto, Class of 2001*
Eric Weiss, Class of 2006
Rabbi and Executive Director
Bay Area Jewish Healing Center
Richard Livermore, Class of 1986
Molly M. Wertz, Class of 2006
Superior Court Judge, Juvenile Hall
Executive Director
State of California
Tandem, Partners in Early Learning
James G. Losi, Class of 1997
Geraldine A. Williams, Class of 1996
Community Leader
Special Events Coordinator/School Eng.
Stanford University
Stephen D. Mayer, Class of 1987
Patricia Wilson, Class of 2000
Founder and Managing Partner
Executive Director
SD Mayer & Associates, LLP
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Mary J. McCue, Class of 2000
Anne Wilson, Class of 1988
President & CEO
Chief Executive Officer
MJM Management Group
United Way of the Bay Area
Eric T. McDonnel, Class of 2002
Jane Winslow, Class of 1986
Executive Vice President & COO
United Way of the Bay Area
Jane Winslow Consulting
Kathleen Dowling McDonough, Class of 1994 Clare R. Winterton, Class of 2007
Community Leader Chief Operating Officer
  Global Fund for Women
Adam D. McDonough, Class of 2005 Randall L. Wittorp, Class of 2009
President & CEO Director, Public Affairs
Lockton Insurance Brokers, LLC Kaiser Permanente
Bonnie L. McFarland, Class of 2003 Diana M. Wolf, Class of 1998
Director, Creative Services Community Leader
Del Monte Foods  
Peggy McGuire, Class of 2000 H. Ward Wolff, Class of 1987
Executive Director Executive VP/Chief Financial Officer
Women's Cancer Resource Center Sangamo BioSciences, Inc.
Mark McMinn, Class of 2005 Lorraine Woodruff-Long, Class of 2009
Senior Associate Director of Development
Gensler ODC Dance
Deborah McDonald Messemer, Class of 2001 Cindy Wu, Class of 2011
Managing Partner Community Planning Manager
KPMG LLP Chinatown Community Dev. Center
Sharon Miller, Class of 2001 Curtis R.Yagi, Class of 2006
Chief Executive Officer Executive Director
Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center Real Options for City Kids
Leslie L. Milloy, LSF Class of 2004 Abbie Yant, Class of 1992
Milloy Consulting Executive Director
  San francisco Health Services System
Linda D. Mjellem, LSF Class of 1989 Anna C. Yee, Class of 2000
Executive Director Deputy Director
Union Square Association Chinatown Community Dev. Center
Julia A. Molander, Class of 1991 Kyung H. Yoon, Class of 1990
Managing Partner Vice Chairman
Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick & Pearson Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.
Jim Molinari, Class of 1992 Jonathan L. Yorba, Class of 2003
Consultant President & CEO
Molinari Associates LLC Comm. Foundation/Riverside & San Bern.
Dani Montague, Class of 1997 Benjamin B. Yu, Class of 2011
Community Leader Senior VP, Head of Acquisitions and Dev.
Gary Montague, Class of 1998  
Wealth Management Advisor  
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network  
* deceased  

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"This was one of the most interesting and valuable programs I have ever undertaken. I came away with life-long friends, a keen appreciation for what makes our city work, and a personal commitment to greater involvement. I recommend it without qualification."
- Robert W. Alspaugh, Deputy Chair, KPMG LLP. LSF 1990