Program Overview

Individuals selected to participate in Leadership San Francisco are actively involved with community service organizations throughout the city and have shown a deep concern for the quality of life of the residents of San Francisco and the Bay Area. LSF participants explore community trusteeship, defined as the ambition to work for the common good and serve the primary needs of others by holding their community in trust. Becoming a community trustee is less a specific skill to be mastered than the acceptance and active pursuit of a new way of interacting with the community. It means purposely seeking a wider span of awareness.

Ten full-day monthly sessions are held from September through June. Sessions explore topics that include, but are not limited to, government, housing, transportation, health, social issues, education, regionalism, nonprofit organizations, the media and the effect these sectors have on the economy, jobs and quality of life.

For applications and more information about the program, see Apply, or contact Executive Director Dianne M. Easton at 415-352-8826, or


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"Leadership San Francisco has opened my eyes to several critical issues affecting the city and our communities. While I certainly knew about these challenges, participating in the LSF experience has enabled me to examine these issues in a way that I would not have done if I were just ’on my own.’" - Genny Hom-Franzen, Area Public Relations Director, Pacific Region Web Editor, AT&T. LSF 2000.