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Building Legacies

LSF graduates are challenged to use the knowledge and leadership skills they have obtained to give back to the community. They work together on projects that enhance the quality of life in San Francisco. It is a goal of LSF to attract, educate and develop potential leaders to work together to solve professional and personal issues.

LSF offers a multitude of networking opportunities with business and civic leaders. Graduates have gone on to success in government, business and nonprofits. LSF -initiated projects have enhanced the lives of many San Franciscans.

Leadership San Francisco's role is recognized by both business and public leaders as a valuable resource to the community and the quality of life in San Francisco.


Leadership San Francisco is an affiliate of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Foundation
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"Trusteeship in San Francisco is part of our history and continues through LSF"
- Charles Fracchia, President and Founder of San Francisco Historical Society and Museum